Rumor: PlayStation 4 Gold Edition At $249

Playstation 4 Gold Edition Rumor

New photos of an alleged gold edition of the PS4 Slim has surfaced. Reddit user marmaro8 has posted a surface of what appears to be a 1Tb model, with the price tag of $249, and a speculated release date of June 9th. This would place the new model — if true — right before this year’s E3, which would make sense as a promotional move for Sony.

It wouldn’t be too surprising, considering there is already a gold DualShock 4 controller available from select retailers. Sony has at least switched up their color schemes with cool, interesting or limited edition palettes in the past, so this rumor isn’t too far-fetched.

With E3 not too far away, we’ll definitely find out soon whether this rumor is indeed true or not.

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