Microsoft Is Asking Customers Whether They Would Like To See DualSense Features On Xbox Controllers

Xbox Controller Sony Playstation 5 Ps5 Dualsense Controllers Compared

Microsoft is asking Xbox players whether they would like to see similar features to the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller be made available for Xbox.

Indeed, the DualSense has been widely praised by fans and tech outlets for not only its comfort, but the superb implementation of Sony’s new adaptive trigger technology. Previous controllers of the “DualShock” family were well received by many, but did come with gripes or criticism of the controller’s comfort, size, build quality and other factors.

So far, the DualSense has been widely lauded as a true “next generation” controller. In fact, in an interview with Sony SEO Jim Ryan, he stated that he wanted a dramatic revolution behind not just the design of the PlayStation 5 itself, but that of its controller – to mark a true next generation feel over previous entries.

Many have praised the new direction with the DualSense, while the Xbox Series X/S controller is still relatively unchanged.

The survey, sent to customers who have purchased an Xbox Series X/S, asks the following:

“I am aware of features on PlayStation controllers that I wish were on the controller that came with this console”

The survey also asks which features customers would like to see on Xbox, and whether their console feels “next gen”. It would be interesting to see if, and how, Microsoft would adopt similar features partly into the new generation, after such features would have already been pioneered by Sony.

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