Apex Legends New Thrillseekers Event

Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event New Map Overflow

Crank it up a notch with a new Arenas map, weekly rewards tracks, and splashy new looks when the Thrillseekers event begins on 7/13/21.

Overflow differs from other Arena maps by being lane focused; where each location is separated by tall, lava-filled structures. With this separation, players cannot easily spot early decisions made by the other team and will need to stay vigilant before committing to a side or risk being flanked. While there are opportunities for long-range engagements, combat tends to favor short-to-medium ranges along either POI: Overlook or Slope.

New Arena Map: Overflow

The Thrillseekers event includes a brand new arena map, Overflow. This map is more lane focused with each location separated by structures and lava, with a tall central location that is good for snipers.

Apex Legends: Thrillseekers Event Trailer


  • Week one gives you a chance to unlock the Rampart Wastelander Set, which includes a matching gun charm, weapon skin, and a Legendary Rampart skin.
  • Week two grants Battle Pass boosters, crafting metals, and Apex packs. 
  • Week three includes the Lethal Enforcer Bangalore Skin, along with other goodies!


  • Week 1 Badge: Play 20 Arena Games Total
  • Week 2 Badge: Get 100 Knockdowns Total in Arenas
  • Week 3 Badge: Deal 12,000 Damage Total in Arenas

Also there will be some old The Summer Splash Sale. For a couple of weeks, we’re bringing back fan-favorite skins—including Youngblood and Voidwalker!

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