Apex Legends Arenas Getting Ranked Mode in Season 10

Apex Legends 3 V 3 Arenas Ranked Competitive Mode Season 10

One of the latest game modes introduced to Apex Legends was the addition of the 3v3 Arenas mode in Season 9. While the mode has been fairly popular for those looking for a change from the main BR game mode, some have wondered whether this smaller, tactical mode would ever received a ranked format.

Fortunately, Respawn Entertainment has revealed during the EA Play Live Spotlight that Arenas will indeed receive a ranked mode in season 10, as detailed by Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier.

Check the video below which starts at the ranked reveal at 17:50:

EA PLAY Live 2021 Spotlight – The Future of FPS

Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier provided the confirmation of the upcoming Arenas ranked mode. In addition, Grenier said that more information about Season 10 will be released at EA Play on July 22nd, including a teaser of a possible new Apex Legend.

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