Sony Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan: New IP Is Lifeblood Of Entertainment Industry

Sony Entertainment Playstation Ceo Jim Ryan

In a recent interview with China TMTPost, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan gave his personal thoughts on the success of PlayStation, new IPs, sales data and his views on the gaming development industry.

According to Ryan, he believes that the core of the PlayStation brand is emotion, stating: “A best game can arouse certain emotions of the players, such as making the player feel excited, feel the adrenaline rush, or feel happy or sad.” This is certainly a similar sentiment to previous Sony & PlayStation leadership, indicating their deep involvement to the creative process behind their studios.

Further, Ryan Told TMTPost that regarding PlayStation studio acquisitions, Sony typically has a strong working relationship for years before acquisitions. This comes as no surprise, as it’s been widely noticed that Sony indeed courts and grants special tools, tech and even staffing help to what they call “second-party studios” – or developers who are independent, but produce games exclusively for PlayStation.

“New IP is the lifeblood of any entertainment industry, but it is very difficult to create a new IP… I am very happy that we can do this in the past few years, but it requires great courage and the courage to bear financial risks. It also requires trust in the studio “

Jim Ryan

Also in the interview, he told TMTPost that he was surprised by the success of the PlayStation 5 in China, stating that it had sold out of stock within minutes of being available.

Jim Ryan has come to be a somewhat controversial leader by some in the PlayStation fan base. Under Ryan, we’ve seen a noticeable shift away from previous generations’ focus on indies, and more of an emphasis on big budget, AAA titles. Some have criticized Ryan for abandoning a core spirit of what made PlayStation in the past.

Another major criticism has been PlayStation’s move to make exclusive titles available on PC – albeit some time after their initial launch – a practice which has rapidly increased under Jim Ryan’s leadership.

Despite the criticisms, one thing is clear, and that is that PlayStation is having a more successful and profitable time that nearly any other in PlayStation history.

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