Last Call for Fire Moon Festival Sale – Dead By Daylight

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Its Official! Dead by Daylight is bringing back the Fire Moon Collection to the in-game store. The original event was created “in tribute to the Mid-Autumn Festival that’s celebrated in many Asian countries, including the homes of The Trickster, Yun-Jin, and The Oni”.

Last year’s End of Summer Event, featured new skins for The Onii, Trickster, Yun-Jin Lee, and Zarina Kassir.

This year it will put those skins back up for grabs and include new skins for both survivors and killers.

These outfits can be bought now for up to 60% off, as listed below:

20% Off (Very Rare)

  • Yun-Jin Lee – Fire Moon Mourner
  • Zarina Kassir – Fire Moon Concert Goer
  • Nea Karlsson – Harajuku Graffiti Artist

30% Off (Very Rare)

  • Adam Francis – Sightseer
  • David King – Debt Collector

35% Off (Very Rare)

  • The Trickster – Fire Moon Performer
  • The Oni – Fire Moon Warrior

40% Off (Very Rare)

  • The Plague – Priestess of the Lost
  • Jake Park – Sullen Ronin

50% Off (Very Rare)

  • The Doctor – Strictly Business
  • Feng Min – Campus Punk

60% Off (Very Rare)

  • Kate Denson – Award Night Opulence
  • Mikaela Reid – Moonstone Diviner
  • Felix Ritcher – Adventure Getaway
  • Meg Thomas – Indie Rebel

Take a look for yourself at some of the skins, that are available, in DBD’s official trailer.

Dead by Daylight | Fire Moon Festival Collection Trailer

Its important to note that none of these skins are exclusively worn as sets, so they may be mixed and matched with other pieces. Highlights include Yun-Jin’s skirt and Zarina’s headpiece. Remember, “Dress to celebrate life or reflect on death with the perfect collection for a night of music and flames under the full moon.”

This sale will go on until Thursday, September 15th 10AM CST so tomorrow is your last chance to grab these seasonal cosmetics, as well as an exclusive Moon Cake Charm that can be obtained by simply logging in.

Make sure to take advantage while you can!

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